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Hello Posh Dolls . I have been reselling since 1998. In 2011 I found Poshmark and found the platform that would change everything. Selling Full time since 2015, I specialize in leather,furs and Vintage items. I offer EVERYTHING at ALL PRICE POINTS. I believe quality should be with in everyone's budget. For me , Poshmark allows me to share my treasure hunting finds with all of you, my friends who love the hunt as much as I do . 

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YouTube. I have a channel and I try hard to post regularly. I'm not gonna lie , I need to step it up though . I'm not looking to be some huge deal on you tube , I use it to talk about things that I've learned and struggles you may face . I show items in a more realistic light. I find it a nice way to give quick live updates and would love it if you checked it out. You can also find links to television spots I've had talking about styling and Poshmark .

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